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Mithical Entertainment: A History

Mithical Entertainment was created in September of 2015 by Jeremy Snow (Founder/CEO). With an emphasis on anime, video games, and tech, Mithical Entertainment began simply with some weekly anime reviews and the occasional video game review. In the two years since its founding, the site has grown tremendously; so much so that going into 2018 it has taken on a new form as a multi-media network. Our core content will continue on our new flagship website: The Geekly Grind. 

A Multi-Media Network

Mithical Entertainment seeks to find others who align with our passions. Whether you're an indie game developer, Twitch streamer, Youtuber, or have a website of your own, you have a home here at Mithical Entertainment.  

Growing Partnerships

Mithical Entertainment has spent the last two years developing relationships with some of the biggest names in anime & manga distribution. We're proud to have partnerships with companies like Funimation, VIZ, & Kodansha, and are always looking for new opportunities. 

A Millennial Perspective

Our generation has had the privilege of witnessing home entertainment and technology grow at a pace like never before. Our opinions and critiques are borne from this experience, and we hope to lend more understanding on how the way we consume pop culture has evolved over the last 20+ years.


Average 30-day traffic - ~9,400 hits monthly

Demographic Data

  • Mithical [Entertainment] is by far one of my favorite outlets to interview with.  They are thorough, consummate professionals, and posit unique & engaging questions.
    -Erica Lindbeck (Voice Actress)
  • It has been great to know Mithical Entertainment since first meeting them at WonderCon 2017. We were bestowed the incredible honor of being featured on their website, and our fans have given us nothing but rave reviews about the interview we did with them!
    - Christopher Ikpoh (President - The Creative Extreme)
  • "Mithical Entertainment is awesome!  They gave us great coverage that shed mission critical insight into our unique story and significantly helped improve our exposure!"
    - Andrew Kafoury (Author - No'Madd)

The Dream Team

  • Jeremy Snow
    Based out of San Diego, this 30-something Geek decided to take his passion for anime, video games and all things nerdy and turn it into something more!
  • Patrick Romani
    Co-Founder & Operations Lead
    Patrick is basically here to keep Jeremy out of trouble and make sure the website doesn't blow up. It's as difficult as it sounds.
  • Nick Sylvanus
    Community Manager
    Nick brings years of Online Community Management experience to the table, overseeing our Discord server and facilitating outreach whenever possible.
  • Stephany Brown
    Social Media Matron
    Stephany's job to make sure our Instagram game is on point! And possibly start some Twitter wars. Maybe.

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